Global Balance and Meridian Conversion + Meridian therapies for Orthopedic and pain disorders – Copenhagen

Global-Meridian Conversion 30.5-1.6 is the second level in the advanced world of the Balance Method. During this Seminar, we will dive into the fascinating world of the Book of Changes (I Ching) and learn how to connect the sources of ancient knowledge between the Book of Changes and the world of acupuncture treatment. Combining the understanding of the Book of Changes and the Global Balance encourages healing at an intensity we haven’t known before and opens the possibility to deep, life-changing more about the seminar

Meridian therapies for Orthopedic and pain disorders 2.6.24.

This seminar is the product of our work at the Tan Center and at the hospital and is the reason for a fair amount of our success in the spinal ward. The most important thing for an Acupuncturist is the understanding that one must diagnose the meridian involved in the illness. This understanding is the root of all treatments in the Acupuncture world and it is a major part of Chinese Medicine. After the diagnosis, one of the options for treatment is that the meridian involved in the illness will also be the meridian chosen as part of the treatment protocol. In this unique seminar, we will learn to use the meridian that is involved in the illness itself to treat the illness. We will show you our unique discovery of combining the meridian itself with its partner in Chinese Name Sharing (System no.1) or with its Exterior-Interior Relationship partner (System no.3) and we will explain why and how to implement it in the treatment. In this seminar we will learn, to use this technique, to treat a wide variety of diseases and medical conditions such as orthopedic pain, extremity radiation, sciatica, recurring and persistent inflammations such as Patello-femoral joint inflammation, plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow, and more. The workshop is aimed at clinicians, both experienced and those at the beginning of their careers.

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